Monday, December 06, 2004

Deadly designs

The Kanchi Shankaracharya issue is the current rage. With intial reports about his 'indirect" involvement in the murder of Sankararaman, the manager of Varadaraja Perumal Koil, to his "direct" links with Usha of Srirangam, the Tamil Nadu government has been successful in its mission to malign the 2000-year old institution and the its chief, Jayendra Saraswathy. As if this was not enough, the suicide of some hapless student at one of the hostels run by the Kanchi institution too is now being probed for possible links to the Shankaracharya's "murderous" instincts..
And the press in Tamil Nadu has dutifully played into the hands of the Chief Minister of the State forgetting all the ordeals and humiliations it had been subjected to by her just a couple of years ago!
Whether Jayendra Saraswathy is the real culprit or not, this is yet to be decided...However, amidst all the ongoing drama, the designs of the State Government (read the Chief Minister) is all too obvious. And this is now being so easily interpreted that even an illiterate labourer is now bored (yes bored!) with the daily "revelations" of the prosecution.
With every case being filed without any valid proof (though the prosecution claims of ample evidence, hardly any has come out in favour of the case filed by it), the High Court on its part, is simply refusing to do its duty and has been eternally "reserving" its order both on the case and the seer's bail application.
Now, it's close to a month since the seer has been jailed and whether the case stands or not, the chief minister's mission of avenging him for his "careless comments" about her and his refusal to oblige to her "bidding" has been accomplished.
The age-old yet effective design of character assassination has proved handy for Jayalalitha to enact a "deadly" drama. Of course, with good number of years of experience in the tinsel world, scripting such a drama would be a child's play for her. But unlike in cinema, where the hero sticks a beard and a mole to cheat the villain gang, despite her assurances about the "deepest pain that she endured in arresting the seer", her hand behind the police's and prosecution's arguments is too pronounced.
Will the public (whose memory is shortlived) be prudent enough to remember this for long?


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