Friday, February 04, 2005

A sensible solution

After the disgusting and horrifying MMS scandal at the Delhi Public School, the State governments have been reacting in panic. Many governments including Delhi, U.P., Kerala and Rajasthan had banned the usage of cell phones at schools and colleges.
The move, which was enforced with immediate effect, is akin to shaving off the head for fear of dandruff. This is more an escapist attitude rather than braving the rough weather.
The Governments surely cannot wash their hands off the matter having restrained the usage of cell phones. More the curbs, the more innovative the young ones are going to become.
What these governments have failed to think is that, it was not the cellphones which caused the trouble but only the images on them. In short, its the students who were the culprits.
However, it is heartening to note that one small school in a remote town in Tamil Nadu has some sense in all. The Kallar Government Higher Secondary School in Tamil Nadu located at Karunakkumuthampatti near Gudalore in Theni district has launched sex education programme, backed by the parent-teacher association and the state education department.
It has introduced sex education to all its adolescent students! It thought it was better to educate the children about sex problems, prevent sexual harassment and diseases rather than blacking them out form the whole issue.
Though there have been many arguments about whether this kind of education should be allowed at school level etc., in the present MMS age, this kind of approach would prove a plausible solution to the problem.
More so, under the guidance of a trained adult, the children would have better knowledge and awareness to prevent themselves from such danger in future.
Kudos to the school authorities.


Blogger Dinakaran said...

Banning cellphones is a knee-jerk reaction. Banning something is easy - there is no thinking involved. And this ban, obviously, will not be applicable for the teachers and staff. Their assumption is only students misuse camera mobiles.
There have been lots of reports of teachers misbehaving with students. What are they going to do? Ban teachers? The way authorities react to a problem is stupid and illogical.
Sex education is good. But we have to be careful while teaching them. A school (I forgot where) which started sex education class scrapped it within months as some students got 'exited' after the class and had sex. Of course, they had listened properly - they used condoms. Some girls had also complained that the boys were leering at them when girls' physical developments during puberty were discussed.
Somewhere abroad, a teacher was sacked after she started offering 'practicals' for boys.
So, sex education must not be left to individual schools or teachers' whims. There has to be a national syllabus on sex education drafted by psychologists and teachers. Other wise, it could prove counter-productive.

4:23 PM  
Blogger maya said...

Yes, the point about a national syllabus on sex education drafted by psychologists and teachers is a valid one.
The subject as such is a sensitive one and the teacher handling must be trained well to take on the questions from the students in the most positive manner and be able to educate them in a cautious way.
The training for the teachers handling the subject is a must.

7:29 PM  

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