Friday, March 04, 2005

"Secular" States

It can happen only in India. All such tamasha of dismissing a legally elected government just because the mandate is in contrast to the Government at the Centre and the Governors of the two states are Central Government sympathisers.
The tamasha at Goa is that Governor S.C. Jamir dismisses a legally elected Manohar Parrikar Government of BJP within hours of winning a controversial trust vote and sworn-in a Congress-led government headed by Pratap Singh Rane. All in a matter of few hours. He gives the latter a time of one-month to prove his majority while the former was just given two days.
And What in Jharkhand? Governor Syed Sibtey Razi refuses to accept people's mandate and does not let NDA form a government. Instead, sworns in Shibu Soren immediately without even verifying his majority. Despite NDA parading its MPs (literally as in a fashion show) before the President, he goes on to give Soren "some more" time to prove his majority.
Though all this high-tension drama had the tacit approval of Sonia Gandhi, with the way things are shaping up, the Congress is suddenly busy sending out press statements disowning the whole issue. Now Ambika Soni is there in all channels and meetings "clarifying" Sonia's stand.
Amidst their high-flying agenda of being "secular", is there a religious tinge somewhere? Think about it, its the Saffron government in both the cases; both the Governors are from "Minority" community; and the "secular" Congress chief is a "foreigner".


Blogger Dinakaran said...

The UPA seems to be least bothered about the adverse reaction their moves are likely to trigger and also whether the governments will last.

8:43 PM  
Blogger Arattai Ambujammal said...

Politics of the whole thing S T I N K S !
Ethics, anyone?

11:06 AM  

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