Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Bus to Pakistan

After much hype, at last the kashmir bus to Pakistan is all set. But with just two days to go, the poilice have discovered explosives hidden on the road and two militants have already blown up the bus station where the passengers are all ready to board the bus.
Though the prime minister has stuck to his word about steering the bus tomorrow morning as per schedule, what is the guarantee that these passengers will have a safe passage? Despite the J&K's personnels' vigilant policing, bombs keep going off every now and then. And how secure would the passengers feel about boarding the much-awaited bus to Pakistan.
Peace seems to a far call for the silent valley where the echoes of bursting explosives seem to boom all the time. And amidst this, the government cannot risk the lives of innocent people just to prove its point.
Though this may be a very strategic step in terms of its political relationship with Pakistan, is the risk worth taking endangering the lives of Indian and Pakistani nationals? Unless the security of the passage is ensured and unless there is some kind of a ceasefire, the government has no right to put the lives of innocent people in danger


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