Friday, December 17, 2004

In tune with times

The 'porn-maker kid' is the hot news story of the day. There is an alarming trend seen among the children who have been misusing the modern gadgets such as computers and camera mobiles, much to the chagrin and horror of their parents. The children and youth of the day are increasingly resorting to such pervert ideas.
Look what has happened in the case of the Delhi Public School student. Its a class XI boy and girl who have ventured into this and gone to the extent of recording it on their mobiles. After they broke up, the boy has circulated to everyone of his friends for a price!! What kind of thinking is this?Is this a way of seeking revenge?
And what do the parents of these children do? The guy has been having such obscene photos in his mobile for so long and yet his parents, who are wealthy enough to afford him one at such a young age, are totally unaware about the uses that he subjects the gadget to. And in the case of that IIT student, his computer at home (!!!!) is full of such obscene pictures with his girlfriends (?!!!) in various positions and he has been supplying the same to others for a price for quite sometime now.
Sex, no doubt, is a basic instict and need of all. But isn't there a time in your life for it? Even before they bloom, most young girls of the day venture into carnal experience jus to be 'informed' and 'updated'. This, most seem to think, is their way of being modern. In their bid to prove that they are "in tune with the times", most young girls and boy resort to sexual acts even before they realise the significance and sanctity ( see all our scriptures as to in what high regard has been accorded for it) associated with it.
What is the 'time' that these fools are referring to and what 'modernity' does such behaviour accord to them? Unable to realise the impact of their own actions, most boys and girls of the day are simply indulging in such cheap tricks. With AIDS cases on the rise in the country, such unsafe and unhygienic behaviour is sure to mar their whole life. Will they ever realise this? Who is to teach them? With parents hardly having any control over the children's life and on children themselves, who is to guide them? Should the teachers be delegated the task of driving this point? Where is the time, who is to do and how is to be conveyed?
Discipline - both mental and physical, has been an inherent trait of our tradition. If we (i mean both parents and teachers) try to inculcate some aspects of our own culture in children, will they (the children) realise the danger? Aren't the parents themselves giving a go-by to our own values and traditions in our effort to seem modern and for our own convenience? Aren't we falling a prey to our children's obstinate, adamant and unnecessary needs and attitudes? Aren't the parents (especially the working ones) deceiving themselves by getting the child all that he demands just to make up for the valuable time that they do not spend with it? Could dusting our age-old traditions and values, with slight modifications, help us a little? Will allowing us a little time apart from our daily rut, and introducing our children to our scriptures, tradition and music replete with moral values and way of living, help? Will practising all these ourselves rather than just preaching aid? Shouldn't the parents rather than the children be in tune with time? Only time will tell.


Blogger Dinakaran said...

With TV channels like MTV, V, FTV and Zoom bringing the latest 'trends' to the living rooms, no amount of 'discipline' is likely to help. One way out is to block such channels. Of course, there are our desi channels which concentrate on film-based programming. Which means we must not have cable tv connection at all. But of course, they can always go to their friends' houses to watch what they miss. I have no clue how to get around this.

9:33 PM  
Blogger Arattai Ambujammal said...

Every network show (not just movies) in the U.S. opens with ratings and censor advisory pertaining to the age limits and the appropriate audience age. Besides this, the V-Chip programming on TVs shows the blue screen if such a program is telecast. Some level of enforcement is done by the media/cable networks; the onus of exposure to inappropriate material is on parents and caregivers. If the porn-maker kid or the IITian lived in New Jersey or Seattle, a good look at the home environment would give us an insight and understanding of his "leelaa vinodham".
In Bangalore, India, a child of 10 can see Kamasutra at 3p in the afternoon, enjoying an after-school snack, while the parents are yet to return from work. Looking at the vulgar choreography and suggestive songs in today's Indian films, I don't feel so bad watching "Nethu Rathiri Amma" on Tamil Oliyum Oliyum 15 years ago. After all, Silk seems to have been a very conservative actress compared to the present-day heroines and Indi-pop-divas. Oh, yes! There is a censor board somewhere in the country, right? I just forgot! They are probably too lazy to monitor cable networks with no time to spare. Aren't they tied up with the biggest film industry in the world churning out large amounts of crap everyday?
The porn-maker kid and the IITian are a product of years of indifference amongst parents and educators, greedy "competition" amongst cable operators and a totally irresponsible censorship. Technology only empowered the pervert in him, the root cause lies elsewhere.

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