Monday, December 20, 2004

Raids on Agra cyber cafes reveal sleaze

Some more terrifying incidents!!!

December 21
AGRA: Raids on cyber cafes in this Taj Mahal city have revealed disturbing ramifications of how Internet porn was influencing morals and leading to sexual escapades in the most unlikely of places.Police raids on two cyber cafes, following complaints, found schoolboys and girls in various stages of undress and some of them also in intimate contact, a police official alleged.The raids on in the Sanjay Place commercial complex in the heart of the city found that many of them were showing pornographic films online. The cafes have been sealed."Many cabins just did not even have computers. Several girls hurriedly put on their clothes after they were caught with their boyfriends with their pants down," said an officer of the Hari Parbat police station."The cyber laws are too vague and just not understood here," said a criminal lawyer, who felt that the 15-odd couples in the two cyber cafes at the time of the raids could be charged with obscenity.According to an occupant of the building, young girls skipped their schools, came to the cyber cafes, and changed from uniforms into jeans and tops before watching the movies with their boyfriends.The Hari Parbat police station, meanwhile, was crowded through the day on Monday with parents and hangers on as the drama unfolded and the police considered which laws to book the offenders under.These raids are seen here as a sequel to the much publicised school episode in Delhi in which two students filmed their sexual act through a camera phone and transmitted it by via MMS.This has led to the arrest of three people, including the boy, an IIT student who was allegedly selling the MMS clip and the auction portal CEO on which the clip was being sold on the Internet.A police officer said they had swung into action after complaints were received against the cyber caf├ęs."The DPS (Delhi Public School) case in New Delhi has lent an urgency to tackle such crimes," he said.


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