Monday, December 27, 2004

Tidal tragedy

Its a gory display of nature's fury reminding us once more that not all are automated or computer-controlled. The devastating tsunami has left everyone spellbound.
The fact that Chennai, considered to be a safer haven among all the Indian metros, could be rocked by something so natural was quite unnatural.
Unfortunately, the year has been a sad one for all young ones. Even in this tragic tidal terror, it was the women and children who have been hit. Young ones who had been playing a game of cricket or hockey, who were jus building castles on the sand, who were simply waiting for their fathers to return or those who had religiously gone off with their mothers to offer prayers at the Velankanni church were sweeped away in jus no time.
After the Kumbakonam tragedy and the Beslan massacre, this is the third time in 2004 when the young ones had been affected in huge numbers. It's heart-rending to hear the tales of anguished parents with the dead bodies of their wards in their hands. Some parents have not even been able to get the dead bodies while some others seem to have 'gone off' with their loving ones!!
Why is God wreaking his anger like this?!! Why should he let down his children like this?!!


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