Thursday, January 27, 2005

TV talk

In continuation with the irritant images on the TV:
More recently, Sun TV, overplayed its bid to invite relief for tsunami victims. To ensure that the channel garnered the maximum relief amout (there was a competition among the media firms to prove their mettle!!???), it telecast the most disgusting scenes of the diaster as a 4-minute short film.
But the film was so frequently shown that the aid part of the message lost its impact after sometime and many were seen switching to other channels with disgust and irritation when the film was being shown.
What a noble way to way to garner relief?!!


Blogger Dinakaran said...

Whats worse is the clip is the mediocre production quality. Even a drab news can be made exiting by good production (like excellent trailers for stupid movies). But the Sun TV clip takes the cake for one of the most unimaginatively produced clips. The background music makes it worse. The producers doesnt seem to have realised that silence conveys the message for such incidents better.

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