Friday, November 18, 2005

Culture Mops

The political parties are out to make an issue of nothing.
What wrong did Kushboo say when she said that women having premarital sex should exercise caution and use implements to prevent AIDS. When she suggested something as mundane and as practical as this one, suddenly the culture cops are out to cry at her as a blemish on the tamil culture and what not.
With India ranking in the top 5 nations in the AIDS affected country, what wrong did she do in advising the young girls to exercise caution. Anyway, none of these modern day girls are as docile and as innocent that these culture cops are claiming to be.
These folks cannot find an example of the so called Penn with high Tamizh morals. not even in their homes, lest in the city. If a doctor cautions you against tooth decay and insists that you wash your mouth everytime after you eat a chocolate, is he trying to put down somebody. Is he trying to insinuate something?
Why is this unnecessary hue and cry. Not just a decade ago, the fan's of 'this blemish' had even constructed a temple for her and had been doing regular aartis et. And overnight, she turns bad is it?
And if this actress gets some kind of support from another of her fraternity, then these folks immediately attack her too and blame her for being hand in glove with her.
And all these attacks only because, she happens to be a woman. The same thing has been time and again said by many men in public, who have publicly admitted to their personal experiences too, and they are deemed as martyrs.
Why is this bloody discrimination? When the Dalit Panthers cannot even practice equality to the basic level of human gender, what right have they to go and claim for equal rights on the basis of caste.?
All this self-proclaimed fighters of Tamizh freedom are not cops but just mops.. simple and dirty mops, who absorb the issues only at a superficial level and never even give it a thought before wringing them out.


Blogger Arattai Ambujammal said...

Call it geography, orthodoxy or whatever, Tamilians are the least struck by societal changes. 15 years ago, parents never accepted that their child smoked cigarettes or was an alcoholic. Now, they are doing the same with sex. Whatever be the upheaval, Kushboo and Suhasini have opened the debate. Not all in Tamilnadu are non-thinkers (let's hope!). There are people who might question as to why not these two women explain themselves or what might be the reason behind such a statement. What is happening is good... even if there is a lot of noise about it. High time.

8:35 AM  
Blogger Dinakaran said...

I agree with what you say, except this: "And all these attacks only because, she happens to be a woman." The main reason for the 'pro-Tamil' parties' opposition to her statement is because it was she who led the protests against Thankarbacchan (hope I have got the felling write) for his comments on Tamil actresses. Kushboo and co even refused to accept the apology by Thankar. And Thankar is a sympathiser of the pro-Tamil parties. The pro-Tamil parties were just waiting for a chance. And Kushboo herself gave one on a platter. Morover the protests had the backing of the main opposition party - the DMK. And DMK too had an axe to grind. Kushboo is pro-Jayalalithaa.

9:40 PM  
Blogger Arattai Ambujammal said...

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12:19 AM  
Blogger Arattai Ambujammal said...

Mr. D - This might be the first generation with a reasonable percentage of educated moms in Tamilnadu. This includes actresses like Kushboo, Suhasini. TN political parties haven't got used to this idea yet. They are yet to think of wooing women voters with something other than free saree distribution, kudam, patram and cash. The fact that the 2 ladies expressed a real, social issue is a surprise for them. Had this come from a man, things would have been very different and very quiet.
I would give Kushboo and Suhasini all the credit for drawing attention to AIDS, even if the whole drama was politically motivated or mismanaged. These 2 women tread into an area where few women dared to comment so loud till now.

6:48 AM  
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