Thursday, November 17, 2005

(Un)Reality shows

The so called reality shows that are now on air, are so unreal in the first place. And all those contestants, mostly in their teens and early twenties, take these shows as the end of life and work as if a life and death situation. And it is the organisers who are putting undue pressure on these folks, recording even their minutest movements and telecasting them for its viewers.
Bull shit. I seriously fail to understand why such hype is being created about jus another contest. Agreed that the prize money involved is big enough and enduring. But it doesn't mean that if I dont qualify in any of those, I become a dumbo and fit for nothing person. But this is exactly the idea that is being conveyed all these shows and its panel of judges.
Earlier, during my childhood days, such music contest programme was so much fun to watch and was quite relaxing. But nowa days with such dime a dozen reality shows (as they proudly proclaim) its more than disgusting to sit in front of the idiot box for some kind of relaxation. But it's not jus the advertisers or oganisers to be blamed. With a view to involving viewer participation, this idea of saving someone from the viewers' vote is all the more disgusting.
You see each one of those folks who watch these shows fighting with each other over this silly affair. But that's only a flip side of the show. The key factor is that some of these contestants, who fail to make it to finals, are so seriously rapped and are so mentally torn, that some of them are even known to have attempted suicide!!
So much for making their life out of these shows..


Blogger Arattai Ambujammal said...

There is no true reality show. These are heavily edited to show just the footage to capture the audience. In US, where reality shows have become so routine in the past years, a recent survey revealed that 63% of the audience was tired of the so called "reality" that seemed to have no sense. Like everything else, this too shall pass....

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