Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Lightning strikes under the bra?

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Source: HindustanTimes.com

Women around Mumbai may just have more to worry this monsoon than just their make-up running and their hair getting wet. Did you know there is the possibility you could be struck by lightning if you're wearing underwired bras?

A recent scientific study strengthens the belief that metallic supports in modern bras could attract lightning and strike their wearers dead. An unconfirmed instance of this occured circa 2000 in Hyde Park, London, when two women hiding under a tree died after being struck by lightening. The forensic report said "lightning discharge was channeled into the metal brassieres, leaving burn marks on the women's chests."

Does this assume significance at a time when Mumbai's met department has issued a weather forecast for today that warns of the "possibility of thundershowers in parts of the city and the suburbs?" Question is, are the city's nymphets taking it seriously enough to change their underwear habits. From early reactions from most of them, it doesn't look like that's happening.

So what do the city's women have to say about all this? While some dismiss the story as "bullshit", others call it "attempts to hype a woman's skin" while still others say that "an underwire in a bra is as much a risk as wearing a metallic watch."

"The study is really bizarre. I can't believe someone is idle enough to do a study on this," model Mridula Chandrashekhar says adding, I think underwire bras and getting struck by lightning have nothing to do with each other." Item girl Kainaaz, who incidentally has come to be known for her aversion to bras period, dismisses the study as "absurd".

"Why would someone get struck by lightning just by wearing an underwire bra? After all it is covered by a piece of cloth, right? I think they're just trying to toss a particular issue by bringing a woman's skin into the picture" said Kainaaz. City designer Nikasha Tawadey too shared that view. "Whether you're underwired or overwired the fact is that chances of you getting struck by lightning are one in a million," she said.

Actress Kashmira Shah, also famous for outfits that leave precious little to the imagination, had a different point. "Forget underwire — what happens to all those with silicone breasts? Maybe it melts in the heat, then again, maybe all those actresses who have them can float if they're caught in a rain flood and say they were actually 'carried away'," she said.

It turns out there's no cause for concern, since some international foreign brands like Aubade, which are present in the city have no metal in their underwired bras at all. "I can't talk about other brands but the underwire in our bras is purely synthetic, so nothing to fear here,” Ferzin Nutres of Aubade said.

So, if you're used to being wired and confused what to do, try not to buy your delicates off Linking Road, at least not till the rains go away. And second, as that old line goes: Lightning never strikes in the same place twice!


Blogger Rob said...

Sorry but this is an urban myth. Lightining strikes the highest point first, so unless you were waving your bra above your head it's not going to be the point of attraction for the electricity to earth to.

The reason for the marks on those ladies under the trees breasts? Anything made of metal would get very hot when struck by the lightining - the article probably failed to mention similar marks where their watches were etc.

4:57 PM  
Blogger Arattai Ambujammal said...

I am sure wired, Mumbai women also have other metallic accessories - earrings, chains, bangles, etc and have been doing so for ages. How come lightning hasn't struck these yet?
Nice story... heard stories of underwires and breast cancers, bikinis and pelvic fractures. This one blew them all.

4:31 AM  
Blogger Dinakaran said...

first time i m hearing about metallic bras. rob and ambujammal have valid points.
it is not advisable to stand under trees during lightnings or even heavy rains - whether u r wearing metallic bras or watches doesnt make any difference

4:06 PM  

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