Friday, September 04, 2009

The real heroes

I had never been one of those person with an ardent nationalistic fervour within. Apart from the momentary goosebumps that one gets while hearing "Desh ki Darti" type songs, or a bit of guilt to see some pictures of our Army heroes slogging at the borders, I do not boast of any such feeling.

However, while watching the drama of the missing chopper of YSR and the massive rescue operation on television, there was a moment when my nationalistic pride actually perked up a little.

It was when the visuals of a mangled paper, wrapped in a Lifebuoy soap, appeared. The torn paper had some hurriedly scribbled mathematical jottings.

Later, when the reporter explained that the piece of paper contained some geographical calculations about the location of the falling chopper and that it was believed to have been dropped by the pilot of the ill-fated chopper, I was amazed.

I was stunned at the duty consciousness of the pilot who made his last effort to inform about the chopper's location when all the instruments on board malfunctioned.

Even while death was staring on the face, the pilot had the presence of mind to drop an SOS signal as there was a VIP on board. Though the note was found much later owing to terrain and weather conditions, it did help the rescue team to narrow down their search and locate the remains of the chopper.

Am sure such emergency tactics and SOS training are all part of the military curriculum and there would be many instances when officers, who died on their line of duty, had reacted But having witnessed one for the first time, I was amazed at the clear thought and precise action that impelled him to do so.

Kudos to our Forces and our humble prayers to captain Group Captain S.K. Bhatia and co-pilot Captain M.S. Reddy


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