Friday, January 09, 2015

Achuvinte Amma

One of my unpublished posts of 2006!!

After a long time, I saw a good Malayalam movie last saturday, on TV of course. Achuvinte Amma. A damn good movie which talks about the relationship between a mother and daughter. They are so intertwined with each other that each of them can't live without the other. The mother, portrayed by Urvashi, is so possessive about her daughter (Meera Jasmine) that she does not even let her friends to spend on her.
But as the usual story goes, she falls in love with a guy and her mother opposes for the only reason being that he is an orphan. When the daughter, who till she starts going to work never questions about her father, is puzzled and asks her mom to reveal his identity. The stubborn lady is so silent that she does not even speak a word even when the daughter leaves the house. However, when the daughter meets with an accident one day and is rushed to the hospital, the mother comes rushing to see her. But the daughter refuses to see her. On coming out of the room, she reveals her relationship with the girl to her lover.
Actually, the girl is neither her daughter not even a known one. The mother, who is an orphan herself, somehow lands up in a place where girls are sold to brothels during her teens. While escpaing from the clutches of the villains who are all set to take her to Mumbai, she happens to stumble upon a small 3-year-old girl whom she takes along with her and starts to live for her.
She tells the guy not to tell the truth to her daughter and walks off quietly.
But the girl learns the truth from her boy friend and finally comes to meet her mother. There
she sees another 4-year-old girl in her place whom the mother has adopted.
The mother finally says that now her girl is grown up and found a suitable guy to live with and hence she found this little girl to lead the rest of her life.
I was so touched by the movie especially by the subtle portrayal of emotions by Urvashi. If all of us in our lives start adopting such an attitude of just giving love and never expecting from the other one, I think most of our problems will end.
But, this is very difficult to come by. The detached attachment, as preached by the Gita, is evident in its full form in this character. I was moved to tears!! One of those sensible movies!


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